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cup pic Concrete Scrapbook was finally completed in August 2010. It includes ten songs written over the past three years and recorded at the My Record Label studio with the help of many people.

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Concrete Scrapbook Album Cover

Thanks to all contributors:

All music and lyrics by Michelle Krell Malone aka Michelle Krell.

Produced by Travis Allen, Bryon Holley, and the My Record Label team.

Musicians: the My Record Label team in Nashville. Harmonica on Sit and Watch the Moon by Doctor Fun aka Herbie Katz. Cello on Rainville by Ginger Murphy.

Vocals on all tracks by Michelle Krell, recorded at My Record Label studio, Los Angeles. Background vocals created and sung by Bryon Holley, with additional vocals on Blue Cotton Dress by Teresa James, on Rainville by Travis Allen, and on Concrete Scrapbook by Amy Hofto.

Mixed by Travis Allen.

Mastering by Sonic Vision Mastering.

Photography by Artisan Imagery in Los Angeles.

Illustration and design by Larry Malone.

Manufactured by Disc Replicators International.

 1 First Song

Music, dust and freedom...

 2 With a Grain of Sugar

Can we forgive at the 11th hour?

 3 Concrete Scrapbook

In debris, a world...

 4 We Don't Do Paradise

An island with a bunch of sand?

 5 Rainville

City of refuge...

 6 Perfect in the Picture

We can be surprised in a good way too...

 7 Take a Breath

When can we stop running?

 8 Sit and Watch the Moon

Let's put first things first.

 9 Blue Cotton Dress

Plain isn't always.

10 There's Only One of You

Is it crowded in here?

Listen to samples from all ten tracks on the album:

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