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Thomas K. Matthews

"Michelle Krell has created a collection of wonderfully familiar but purely original songs that evoke a simpler time and a quieter music.  Not that Concrete Scrapbook is a sleepy album.  It has sass, vocals and lyrics that invoke a spirit reminiscent of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor.  The first song, titled "First Song" invites you in and sets a mood that is comforting and gets you humming along, as though it was always one of your favorites.  While maintaining its theme, the album takes a journey that wanders close to country with "Blue Cotton Dress" and finishes with the strong but melodic "There's Only One of You."  After the thump and bump and gaga of modern rock, I was relieved to wrap my mind around and sit with the soul that Krell has laid down for us.  I highly recommend this album to anyone that is looking for a look back, a simple mood and songs that make you believe there is still soul and magic in the world of music.
Five Stars."

Thomas K. Matthews is the author of REJECTION (murder mystery / Otherworld Publications)

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Markus Druery, IndieShark

"The Artist  I recently checked out the latest release from singer/songwriter Michelle Krell entitled Concrete Scrapbook released in 2011.  Krell is based out of Los Angeles.

"The band  Krell brings to the table some impressive players.  I would say this band clearly possesses above-average playing & she possesses above average writing abilities.  You will find many impressive chops & eloquent playing styles presented along the way.  Timing is spot on within the genera.  Krell holds her own remarkably on vocals & definitely brings the whole thing together.  The music possesses a very marketable Rhythm & Blues flair dabbling a bit in Americana Country.  Some pieces even cross the line into Pop & Power Pop.  All in all great music to eat a Sunday morning brunch to.  Music is timeless, very passionate, emotional & Easy to groove to & will remind you of classic Carole King, Wynonna Judd, Shania Twain come to mind.  The songs  Simply put - all songs are well rounded with amazing highs & powerful lows.  There's nothing like a good musical production to fill your sonic space, this is definitely one of them.  Simply put, very much like life itself this CD personifies the human experience, with music that is 100% honest, pure & genuine. The production professional grade from start to finish with crystal clear recording quality.  There's not many songs you can listen to time & time again.  The good  Overall & remarkably consistent, well rounded musical production.  Honorable mentions go out to the remarkable vocal presence of Michelle Krell & her band.  The bad  Nothing to report.  The ugly  Nothing to report.

"The verdict  Concrete Scrapbook by Michelle Krell is an impressive collection of music.  She is a marquee talent & her musical personality shines with a rare brilliance comparable to a priceless gem.  It clearly sets a standard within this marketable genre & the more you listen to it, the more it will reveal itself to you.  Folks who want a catchy & slamming R&B sound will love this release.  It's quite marketable in that respect as well.  Just hit play & see where this musical journey takes you.  The Bottom Line  This CD is comparable to a fine bottle of wine.  Every now & then it's an absolute pleasure."

Markus Druery is Music Critic at IndieShark.com

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Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Digest

"Michelle Krell is a singer/songwriter/keyboard player from Los Angeles who just released her latest CD entitled Concrete Scrapbook. This latest release features 10 new songs, produced by Travis Allen.

"The CD quickly takes flight with "First Song" an upbeat intro groove that serves up an inviting vocal groove against driving rock rhythm & well placed vocal harmonies from Krell & company. Track 2 "With a Grain of Sugar" keeps things moving in the smooth direction with its tranquil introduction, smooth melodic accents & impressive lyrical content. Track 3 "Concrete Scapbook" dishes out jumping melody, well placed percussive accents against more melodic vocals from Krell. The production quality is impressive & the musicianship of everyone involved is clearly above the bar. Along the way you will notice lush instrumentation with things like Hammond organ, keyboard & piano accents, strings, Cello, percussive accents, slamming guitar chops & solos, combined with lush harmonies layered everywhere. The rhythm section pushes the natural accents well. What I like the most about this band is how well they seem to groove together.

"Now turning our attention over to Krell - as for her vocal abilities it works well within the confines of this rather dynamic & eccentric catalogue. I suspect some of her vocal influences are Shania Twain, Wynonna Judd, Indigo Girls & Carole King just to name a few. "

"This CD from Krell delivers 10 compelling tracks all providing an interesting snapshot & thought provoking wisdom with messages that are uplifting, positive & carefree. From passionate "We Don't Do Paradise," to melancholy "Rainville" to rocking "Perfect in the Picture" this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with "There's Only One of You" the perfect finale statement for a catalogue like this.

"From start to finish Concrete Scrapbook by Michelle Krell is an impressive collection of music. The music is highly passionate, uplifting, & entertaining. The songwriting - an interesting snapshot.

"All songs are consistent musical experiences, each one possessing a unique personality, flair, & signature groove. Note for note, song for song this catalogue is rock solid & extremely consistent. The writing & playing abilities of Krell's band are rock solid, the melodies & harmonies are well crafted. The lyrical content is packed to the hilt with conventional wisdom."

Cyrus Rhodes is Music Critic at IndieMusicDigest.com

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David Brunoehler

"This isn't the first night I'll go to bed listening to Michelle Krell... soothing me through the headphones... singing smooth songs from her solid new CD, Concrete Scrapbook. I doubt it will be my last.

"From the first moment I heard "First Song" I felt a release - the kind you get when you're hot and a breeze comes. Her music is like that - a welcome breeze. You'll feel it when you get it, which I urge you to do.

"An overview of the ten songs unearths some concrete achievements: Michelle wrote all the lyrics, composed and arranged all the music, and sang on all tracks. Her voice is so easy to listen to it adds more to the welcome feel of the whole CD. A perfect blend of piano, a few guitars, appropriate percussion and, I believe I heard a Hammond or Wurlitzer organ, joined once by harmonica on "Sit and Watch the Moon" and once by cello in "Rainville," allows the listener to breathe in the nuances of every song.

"Michelle's songs are loaded with neat lyric treats; like how she slips in the line, "We don't do paradise" in a song by that title, or bending a rhyme to match "this" with "fixed" in "Perfect in the Picture". Some are stories well told like "Blue Cotton Dress" and "Concrete Scrapbook". Others are instantly memorable for their strong hooks -- especially in "Rainville" (my favorite), and the last song which drills in, "There may be two of us, but there's only one of you."

"When I said I was taking this music to bed, I in no way intended to infer this CD was sleepy. Far from it. Ten tempos keep the toes-a-tappin' plenty. Overall, it's relaxing. "Rainville" comes in closest to the bed; but Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" Now that is sleepy! On the other hand, I could just as easily take Krell's CD out for a walk, fill the house with it while I clean or dine, put it in the car for a meditative drive, or play it wherever I want to release the tensions of the world outside and enjoy the cool, comfortable contents of Michelle Krell's Concrete Scrapbook".

David Brunoehler is a Lyric Poet and Humorist

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